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Most people may do their best to make healthy choices, but without a comprehensive understanding of all the issues regarding their health, their efforts are often based on incomplete or biased information.

The role of the holistic nutritionist is to assess your individual health status, create a health plan to support individual needs and objectives, and explain recommendations in a clear and useable way. Education-based guidance (knowing what you are doing and why you are doing it) is the most effective and lasting path for helping people achieve better health.

The Certified Nutritional Practitioners at D'Avignon Digestive Health Centre, combine an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition with an equally impressive understanding of human physiology to help clients address a wide range of health concerns, including:

  • digestive disturbances (IBS, constipation, Crohn’s disease, colitis)
  • gallbladder/kidney stones
  • skin conditions (acne, eczema, psoriasis)
  • migraines
  • insomnia
  • diabetes
  • cardiovascular disease
  • endocrine disorders
  • cancer

Nutritional Therapy consultations can help you:

  •  make sense of all the conflicting health information in the media
  •  make more informed decisions about your healthcare options
  •  safely and effectively improve your health

Key aspects of the nutritional therapy consulting process:

  •  a thorough, holistic “big-picture” assessment of your health status
  •  plain-language explanations of your health issues and contributing factors
  •  custom protocols to address your specific health conditions and goals
  •  education about key health and nutrition concepts
  •  comprehensive and easy to understand notes for reference
  •  recipes for tasty and nutritious meals
  •  resources to help expand your knowledge and understanding

Results you can expect from the nutritional therapy consulting process:

  •  healthy digestion – no more heart burn, gas and bloating or constipation
  •  reduced stress and anxiety
  •  increased energy, better focus
  •  elimination of carb and sugar cravings
  •  safe, effective weight loss without restrictive dieting
  • improved muscle strength and tone
  •  hormone balance (PMS, under/over-active thyroid, depression)
  • reduced- or eliminated-  symptoms of chronic health conditions
  •  restored health and vitality for a better quality of life

Discover how nutritional therapy can help restore your health and vitality! Call the D’Avignon Digestive Health Centre today to schedule a free 20-minute introductory session.


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