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I would give one hundred stars!

The service at this clinic is absolutely top notch. The staff are knowledgeable and understanding.

-Carol M

I received 4 colonic irrigations from this center over a period of a few months.

The results were remarkable. It set me on a path to health and recovery. Marnie and Louise are both wonderful, warm and very experienced therapists. I highly recommend this center. Completely worth doing!!


At the top of the stairs, I was greeted by Marnie's welcoming voice.

The space is neat, clean & peaceful; not sterile like a medical facility. I cannot say enough about Marnie! You can feel that she loves her work & enjoys helping others. She has a soothing & calming presence about her; excellent bedside manner. She's knowledgeable & is open to answering your questions and concerns. I was nervous at the first part of the procedure but, after a few minutes, she put me at ease as she explained everything that was going on. After just my first session, I can tell you that my sleeping has improved, I have more energy & I feel less bloated. I realize that there's more to be done, so I'm going to have my second session two weeks after my first. After years of thinking about it, I'm glad that I finally did it. And I'm glad that I chose D'Avignon, based on others' positive reviews. I hope that you'll get your first/next colonic here, as I'm sure that you'll have a good experience


The staff is amazing and make you feel at ease during sessions.

My colonics and coffee enemas at the D'Avignon Digestive Health Centre helped reduce a lot of my initial complaints such as headaches, bad skin, insomnia, and constipation. The staff is amazing and make you feel at ease during sessions. I found my weekly sessions to be very healing experiences and I would highly recommend this clinic to others who want to improve their health.


My energy levels have increased dramatically which has been a lifesaver.

I was skeptical about colonics but for a happy circumstance would never have tried them. I did colonics weekly for three months and I’m a believer! My energy levels have increased dramatically which has been a lifesaver. Having been out of chemotherapy treatment for two years, my energy was still very low and it was hard to live my life. That is completely changed now, and I credit that to the work I’ve done with Louise at the D’Avignon Digestive Health Centre.


I continue to be amazed by the results of Colon Hydrotherapy, Louise and her Digestive Health Centre staff have worked wonders for me.

It took several months for my wife to convince me to visit D'Avignon Digestive Health Centre. I had been plagued with bowel issues for many years and my wife was convinced that colon hydrotherapy would be right for me.

The built up effects of stress, anxiety and a poor diet made it increasingly difficult for my digestion system to cope with what my body was going through.  Initially I felt uncomfortable and embarrassed by the thought of trying colonics but I decided to become brave and push away my resistance to try it.

After speaking with Louise, I received the answers and clarity I needed to appreciate the colon hydrotherapy process.  It wasn't long before I was actually looking forward to my first session and saw this opportunity as a much needed clearing experience that would benefit my entire body.  The staff at the Digestive Health Centre radiated a caring dedication to helping me through my initial session, first by listening and then by gently guiding.

During my first colonics session, I remember the strange sensation of the water at the start but as I began to relax my digestive system responded favorably.  In no way were these sessions ever painful or uncomfortable for me, in fact I now embrace this experience as gently soothing to my tummy.  Since my initial colonics session I have trusted Louise to determine the frequency of my treatments.

~ Paul


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