Body Talk

What is Live Cell Microscopy?

Live cell microscopy (LCM) is a blood screening technique that can detect imbalances that may not show up on traditional lab blood tests. By examining the quality of the blood, LCM offers a useful measure of the integrity of blood and immune cells, of nutritional deficiencies, and of the presence of toxins and pathogens.

Red and white blood cells, platelets and blood plasma are visible during LCM. When red blood cells are distorted in size or structure, they lack flexibility and fluidity. This causes their ability to flow freely to be compromised, and reduces their ability to efficiently transport oxygen. Misshapen blood cells are also indicative of deficiencies in essential nutrients, resulting either from a poor diet or from the body’s inability to properly metabolize vitamins and minerals.

The number, size, shape and movement of white blood cells point to possible issues related to immunity, including infection, allergies, poorly digested (and therefore unusable and potentially harmful) foods, malnutrition and poor gut ecology. In the long term, over-activity or under-activity of immune cells can result in an increased susceptibility to illness.

The presence of "undesirables" in the blood plasma provides further information about potential problems. For example, viewing fat crystals in the blood suggests poor digestion of fats, a lack of essential fatty acids, and the potential for arterial plaque build-up; yeast or fungus suggests intestinal toxicity and a decreased resistance to microbes; protein threads, called spicules, suggest liver congestion resulting in the poor digestion and utilization of fats. Other stressors such as free radical damage, inflammation, parasitic activity and fungal forms are also visible.

Our Live Cell Analyst, Heidi Horowitz, provides a comprehensive, personalized assessment and detailed protocol which includes dietary, nutritional supplement and lifestyle recommendations to help improve your body’s overall cellular health.

A follow-up appointment is recommended 8 – 12 weeks from the initial visit. At this time, improvements in blood quality are assessed, and further recommendations are offered to help maintain healthy blood, strong immunity and improved digestive function.

To schedule an appointment with Heidi, call the D’Avignon Digestive Health Centre at (416) 465-1222.